Colour finishes

Profiled Steel and Aluminium Sheet, Flashings, Fabrications, Gutters and Downpipes are available in a range of finishes and colours to create beautiful, functional and inspired buildings.  See details below for the choices available.

Leathergrain Plastisol Finish – This finish offer excellent corrosion resistance and durability in a wide range of environments industrial, agricultural and coastal in temperatures from sub zero to tropical.  The product consists of a 200 micron plastisol top coat paint system with a leathergrain emboss on a galvanised steel substrate. There is a good range of standard colours, please see colour chart.  Excellent corrosion resistance, even on cut edges and good colour fastness.   Guarantees of up to 30 years are available dependent upon application and these can be applied for on a job by job basis.

Polyester Finish – This finish is cost effective and has good exterior durability, hard stain resistant coating with good temperature stability, it has an easy to clean surface. (wash with dilute domestic detergent solutions, using a soft brush or cloth.  Then rinse with clear water and dry).   Simple overpainting where required, clean as above, and paint with brush, roller or spray using a standard house-hold undercoat and finish systems.  (Cellulose paints should not be used).  The limitations include the life of products maybe reduced if panels or trays are subjected to physical damage, corrosive attack.  When used as a liner it should last the life of the building and for external use approx. 7-10 years to first maintenance.

PVF2 Finish – This finish have excellent exterior durability, excellent resistance to animal, vegetable fats and oils, petroleum oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons.  Good stain resistance.  Good colour retention.  The inert fluorine modified coating is based on Kynar 500 resin.  The finish is has poor mark resistance.  In most temperate environments a life to first maintenance of the coating of over 20 years can be expected.

Polyester Powder Finish – This finish is applied after the metal has been formed into either profiled sheet, fabrications or flashings.  It can be applied to aluminium which is pre-treated first and gives a superior quality architectural finish (guarantees available), with all cut edges coated it has excellent durability 25 to 30 years plus.  The colour range offers a huge choice and all items on a project can be coated in the same or contrasting colour to complete a quality designed look.  This finish can also be applied to steel substrate, Galvanised or Aluzinc to complement design and to offer a great range of colours away from the standard colour ranges of pre-painted material.

Figures given are typical properties and do not constitute a specification.  First maintenance is defined as the stage when for appearance reasons the cladding may require over-painting, although the coating will still be protecting the steel substrate.