We offer 2 main liner profiles and these are available in steel, and aluminium.  They can be used for lining both roofs and walls and for internal or external soffit applications.  The 20/1000 is non structural and is used to provide a neat finish in a 0.4mm steel with a polyester bright white finish.

The 0.7mm gauge 32/1000 can be used as a walkable liner, meaning it can be walked on once installed during the process of installation of the insulation and roof above.

Both profiles are available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm steel in polyester or leathergrain plastisol finishes in the standard colour range.

The 32/1000 can be supplied in 0.9mm aluminium plain mill finish or powder coated in the full range of colours.

The S13.5 corrugated profile and the 23/1000 can also be used as a liner profile for a different appearance with great effect for many interior design applications.

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