Obsolete Profiles

Full profile matching service available, for patching or obsolete profiles, in Steel or Aluminium.

Lengths upto 6m in Steel – upto 3m in Aluminium – Mini ribs or Swages available.

Open the download below – the profile sketch shows the dimensions required A to G so that we can easily identify the profile required. Ideally, we require A, B and C as a minimum.

See below for full details of the specifications that can be supplied.


If you are repairing an old building or need a sheet or 2 to finish an area.

We offer a complete profile matching service and can match obsolete profiles in steel in lengths upto 6000mm – we can include mini ribs if required. Steel sheets are supplied in 0.7mm gauge and can be leathergrain plastisol, Scintilla or Polyester prepainted finishes in standard colours. We can supply plain galvanised or these sheets can be Polyester Powder coated.

We can supply pressed sheets in 0.9mm aluminium plain mill finish and again these can be Polyester Powder coated.

To match a profile there are some necessary dimensions which will help get us started, please see the attached sketch which highlights the ones required. When details are received, we will check and advise the profile name and detail that it matches too. We can provide samples to check the selection is correct. Then we can go through the order carefully to ensure the correct finish, colour and metal are ordered.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry and working through to find the correct profile.