Anti-condensation Fleece

The anti-condensation fleece, an unwoven fabric which regulates condensation, is applied to the reverse of our standard profiled steel sheet.  The principle is that moisture is absorbed by the fleece and expelled later when the air temperature rises.

For use where condensation control is important, without insulation, and there by offering a cost effective way of moisture control – garages, field shelters, storage and cold store facilities.  Natural ventilation is not excluded with this product.



The fleece is an unwoven polyester cellulose, white in colour, it is hard wearing and tear resistant.

Care must be taken to dry store the product until it is fitted and to fix in such a way as to prevent symphonic action at end laps and at the gutter.  Sheets should not be allowed to slide on each other or steelwork and it is advisable to use masking tape on timber purlins to separate the two surfaces.